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スタッフブログ Magic of Moment--- by chance

Magic of Moment--- by chance


I wanna share the ramen shop that my two close friends and I always went during the time they still in Japan.

It is located in Nikko, a ramen shop named うめちゃん(umechan).

The three of us had very hard to please palate and at the same time we rarely have feel satisfactions. If we really are satisfied, we will going to be a regular customer.

We just stumble this ramen shop by a chance but it’s a magic of moment.

The staff and owner are really friendly and kind. It did creates a very cozy atmosphere.

The ramen and gyoza taste so good. I always order Miso Ramen and green ginger dumpling(gyoza).

The spicy iso ramen complimented the grilled pork and salty simmered bamboo really well. The gyoza was very tasty.

They have also vegetarian menu for vegetarian people.

Simple and not gaudy.

Affordable but taste like a 5 star restaurant.

Amazing customer service.

Food for thoughts:

A “Moment of Magic” is an interaction between you and the guest/customer that exceeds his/her expectations and leaves him/her with a good feeling and satisfaction.





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