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スタッフブログ Have a break, have a cheesecake!!

スタッフブログ Have a break, have a cheesecake!!



Heya~ everyone!

Some of you might heard the word ‘have a break, have a kitkat’ but instead of kitkat why not

try cheesecake?

One of well-known food souvenir in Nasushiobara is the cheesecake in Cheese Garden.

Though they offer not only cheesecake but other delicious cakes, cookies, and other dessert.

I’m gonna show you the cheesecake I bought during my day off.

Not the usual cheesecake they offer but I

chose the one that is seasonal.

Other than cheesecake, I also bought other dessert (Pumpkin pudding).

Is it very tempting?

Cheese Garden’s cheesecake taste like heaven, it’s so soft and melts in your mouth.

Doesn’t taste too sweet not cheesy but the mixture is right. You can put some toppings you like,

For example, a whipped cream with strawberry on top to make it like a fancy dessert.

As for the pudding, there’s a whip inside the swirling cone on its top. Its texture is not like the

other pudding you taste or saw. Cheese Garden pumpkin pudding is like a mashed potato, but I

assure you the taste is not like a potato though. XD

Furthermore, you may find coffee liquid underneath, a little bit bitter when I had a taste of it

alone but it’s nice when you mix it in the pudding while sipping your favorite hot drink. (As for

me, hot chocolate )

TIME DURATION FROM HOTEL: (Nearest Cheesecake Garden outlet)

15 mins. By car

23 mins. By bus



532-171 Shimotano, Nasushiobara, Tochigi (Japan)





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